Geoff Zimmerman

Keeping busy

I love you. Later this month I'm playing a shows at Urban Farm Fermentory, Slainte, and Empire. More details in the "shows" section. 

Also just released a video for my new project What If Catapult with the help of the brilliant staff at Penumbra Recordings. Feel free to snoop around the facebook and the youtube to find out more about that.

Also, also some of my music is featured in The Water In The Bay, a brand new release from "Tasty Dude Films".


Hey.  I'm back in Portland, ME after a long/short adventure in the Atlanta, GA area.  Come check out a show sometime soon.


I'm proud to announce my 3rd official solo release will LAUNCH on January 3rd (you see what I did there?) in my home town of Portland, ME.  Launch party at Blue, one of my favorite intimate venues ever.

Tickets and pre-order information 

If by chance you've made it here but we haven't made facebook contact yet, we should correct that.  "Like" me to see updates about music and pizza and the way grass feels on your bare feet in the morning dew.

Happy Labor Day

I've released a collection of parlour songs from the early 20th century.  It's available as a FREE download.

Listen to and download individual songs.

Download a zip file with all the songs.


So, I'm moving to Georgia.  Hoping to book shows there very soon.  Gonna miss you, Portland.

You can listen to all my music, new and old, at my bandcamp page.


"Squawk", my full length sophomore album will be released on June 1st.

Happy Holidays

Hope all is well in your world.

The Blue Lips Concert Series

Playing this here series at Blue.  Check the events page for the dates.  I'd love to see you there.

Good Things Happening

Come check out some acoustic music at Blue tonight.  Playing and chatting with Pete Miller.  Grant Street Orchestra CD release next week.  Keeping busy with rehearsals. 

New Album

Expect to see/hear the new record in early 2012.  It's ok to be excited.

First Friday

Come check me out with Christian Cuff this friday at Big Easy.  


here we go

Playing in Cape

last minute booking at local buzz in cape elizabeth.  buzz on down if you're local and not too buzzy.

A tasty treat

She's the milk in my cereal, she's a risk free bet

she's everything good in this world that i haven't thought of yet.

She's the honey in my green tea, she's a string quartet

she's everything good in this world that i haven't thought of yet."

The new record

it's coming

Baby Baby Baby

The album is available at CDbaby. check it out. even if you don't want to buy it you can hear some audio samples on the product page. It's cool.


City Flower is now available on the one and only iTunes. Enjoy.

Buying the album

Just waltz into a Bull Moose store and pick up a copy. Too cold out for you? No problem... go to They will ship it to you.

CD at Bull Moose soon

CD's will be on sale at Bull Moose stores and very soon. If you don't have a CD player you can purchase the digital version of the album online. More details soon.